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“Determine the Copyright Status for Books, Images and More...Quickly and Easily... Using Fool-Proof Research Strategies Anyone Can Master!”
Finally Be Able to Determine Whether or Not ANY Type of Work Is in the Public Domain.
As someone who has researched and worked with content from the Public Domain for 30 years now, the NUMBER ONE question I have been asked over and over through the years is this...
How can I be sure a “work” is REALLY in the Public Domain?
It's a FAIR question. None of us desire to break the law unknowingly by using someone else's content if the copyright is still in effect. The truth remains, however, that copyright DOES exist to protect the creator of a work, but ONLY for a set period of time. Once that copyright has expired, the work can be used BY ANYONE to create derivative products for new generations of people to enjoy. And that is why this is SO important...
The Public Domain represents the largest source of
proven content on the planet!
So back to this question of "how can I be sure?" 

Copyright laws and how they are enforced vary from county to country...with most countries following a set rule based on the life of the author or creator of the work. In the United States, however, there are a LOT more variables to check and understand. The research process isn't necessarily hard, but you have to understand what to look for and verify (and where to do so).

Right now, less than 10% of works in the Public Domain are actually online. That means that 90% of the books, magazines, images and more available to you and me in the Public Domain STILL must be discovered, researched and verified.
Understanding HOW to research copyright status of a work
is like owning the key to the ultimate treasure chest!
Few people truly understand the vast amount of information that is readily available to them in the Public Domain. Fewer still have any clue on how to research and verify its copyright status. That FACT gives you and I a MASSIVE advantage for accessing content of all types at will. No longer do we have to write, design or create content from scratch. NOW we can simply reach into the Treasure Chest and grab whatever we need! It's a beautiful thing! Need photos for a new project? Grab them from the Public Domain. Looking for information to create a new training series? Look no further than the Public Domain. Have to write new blog or social media posts? The Public Domain has you covered!
So What Exactly IS the Public Domain?
Any type of media, (books, magazines, newspapers, videos, music, photography, art, etc.) can potentially be in the Public Domain if it meets one of four common copyright conditions:

    > The copyright has expired
    > The copyright owner failed to follow copyright renewal rules
    > The copyright owner deliberately places it in the public domain, known as “dedication” 
    > Copyright law does not protect this type of work.

Now you might think, “Why would anyone NOT renew their copyright?” It's a great question with many answers, but it ultimately doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that the media IS INDEED in the Public Domain...and that can be determined in a straightforward manner MOST of the time. I'm not going to bore you with all those details now, however, because there is a much different picture I want to paint...

Check THIS out: Worldwide, there are over 2 billion books in the Public Domain, millions of magazine articles, 100's of millions of art, photography and illustrations, millions of patents, not to mention all the video and audio content, web content and more. The Public Domain is SO huge that it's virtually inexhaustible! 
How’s THAT for Your Source of Answers?
I personally began selling Public Domain-based products in 1988 in the form of maps and photographs. But it wasn't until 18 years later, in 2006, that I realized the potential of Public Domain content. Since that time I've researched, studied and used information, answers and solutions provided from the Public Domain nearly every day in one form or another. Needless to say, I've MASTERED the process of researching and verifying copyright. I may not be an IP attorney, but I AM an expert with Public Domain content.

While I HAVE taught some aspects of copyright research in the past, I have decided to teach the step-by-step process for all types of content...books, magazines, movies, photographs, art and a brand-new, 2-Module Training called...
“Public Domain Basics”
I am creating this "Toolkit" type of course to help you fully understanding just WHAT content is actually available to you in the Public Domain. 

   > Find a cool old book at the local antique market? I'll show you how to verify its copyright status. 
   > Wondering if articles from a certain magazine are in the Public Domain? I'll show you HOW to make sure.
   > Discover photos on a Google search that would be perfect for your project? I'll show you how to check them.
   > Unsure how Trademark affects the Public Domain? We will explore that as well.
   > What about the millions of patents that exist? We will verify their copyright status as well.

The BEST part about this new training is that I will show you, IN-DEPTH, exactly how to check copyright for nearly ANY type of content. Plus, ALL our research can be done online.

And...if you live OUTSIDE the United States, I will have YOU covered as well. I will be discussing how you can research copyright for your own country as well!
This Will NOT Cost What You’d Think...
I think you'll agree that this type of knowledge is invaluable due to the limitless amount of content it can help you discover. That said, I ALSO what everyone who wants to truly understand the Public Domain and how it works to have access to this information. That is why “Public Domain Basics” is currently discounted to just $97 $47! 

During this Special Offer, you can get Full Access to the LIVE Two-Module Training as well as the replays and Slides PDF! Please understand, though, that this is an extremely limited offer at this price!
Just $97 $47!
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